Little Hope

by Ladie Dee

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Down at the bay there's a shadow descended
Haunts me like I need a hand
Crouched by the corner, a fathomless horror
It breathes and I sink in the sand

Six hundred days I have slept in this place
It never gets more comfortable
Mould's settled in, thought I had a thick skin
And my callouses softened by time wasted here

I waste away
I've lost my faith
'Cause what kinda deity leaves you this way?
I'm still here
My eyes are clear
What I'd give for a smoke
'Cause this must be a joke or a dream... but it's real

Woken by sirens and floodlights aimed at us
The sound of the ocean is fierce
It once held the memory of beauty and solace
But now I find no comfort there

Six hundred days I have scratched in the drywall
The paint falls like ash to the ground
I keep my mind sharp by reliving my past
Conversations and reasons that drove me to here

I waste away
I've lost my faith
'Cause what kinda deity digs you this grave
I'm still alive
But I long for a life
For my dignity to be restored as it should
But I stand and they shoot
If I open my eyes
Will I see some sweet smile
Or will I be met with cold detachment? I hope for the former
But there's little hope left


released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Ladie Dee Melbourne, Australia

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